Fishing Atlas to Victorian Inland Waters

Fishing Atlas to Victorian Inland Waters
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The inland waters of Victoria offer a diverse array of freshwater fishing over an equally diverse geographical landscape. From vast dry plains to the west, where there are few rivers and lakes to some of the countries highest peaks to the east.

Freshwater fishing in Victoria is extremely popular with an ever-increasing band of anglers heading out on weekends to tackle some of our best native sportfish such as Murray cod or yellowbelly, game fish such as trout or Chinook salmon or simply after a good feed of tasty redfin. For the most part, many of the waters listed in this book are within a relatively easy short drive from Melbourne, Victoria’s capital city.

Fishing Atlas for Victorian Inland Waters illustrates and lists the species of fish most likely to be encountered across the state, while the text for each catchment discusses the general environment, lists the size and type of water, the most common species available plus average size of those fish. It also lists the most popular angling techniques and discusses access points along with detailed maps of the area discussed. Fishing Atlas for Victorian Inland Waters takes the accumulated angling knowledge of not only the listed authors but that of other experienced anglers and lays out in clear and concise detail what you need to know about a region or waterway to be able to fish with confidence and catch fish in any of the waters listed. This book will make your angling decisions easier and more successful. Features

  • Detailed maps of basins
  • Where to fish
  • When to fish
  • What to fish for
  • How to catch fish
  • All popular species illustrated